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Condensation is a significant problem for many homes, especially newer homes built after the 1970s. Condensation occurs when the air reaches the Dew Point temperature. The Dew Point temperature is the temperature at which the water will drop out of the air and collect off the cooler surface. All air has water in it; and the more humid the air is, the more water it holds and the higher the Dew Point temperature. This means that the humid air will condense more frequently because building surfaces at or below Dew Point temperatures are more readily available. When condensation occurs, water droplets form just as you observe when you take a cold pop can outside in the summer. The warm-moist air cools as it nears the cold can and eventually reaches the Dew Point temperature forming water droplets on the can. This phenomenon occurs in our homes, but normally with much smaller water droplets since surfaces are generally just a few degrees below Dew Point temperatures. This condensation (water droplets) can cause significant problems for our homes. Condensation causes mold colonization (growth), moisture damage, bacteria growth, musty odors and other problems throughout the home. If you suspect you have some type of condensation issue or moisture problem, call the professionals at Certified Restoration, Ltd. to assess your home.

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Certified Restoration, Ltd. are the experts to call when it comes to building science. We repair the building science and environmental issues in your home that are difficult to diagnose and rectify. Whether the problem is due to window condensation, or it is “raining” in your attic, the technicians of Certified Restoration, Ltd. are available 24/7 to fix it. If you need professional restoration assistance, give us a call at (855) 730-0065 or contact us online.

Condensation Problems Cause Most Residential Mold Damage

Whether condensation is being caused by excessive crawl space humidity or a lack of proper attic ventilation, condensation problems require immediate attention. There is mold seed (spore) on every surface of the world and there is always a food source present, much like spreading grass seed over everything. If we add water over in that corner, the seed will begin to sprout. If you never water, then the seed will never sprout. It has been our observation that over our twenty plus years of residential indoor air quality assessments, that more than 90% of all residential mold colonization (growth) is caused by water from condensation. When condensation occurs, mold, mildew, and other types of rotting damage can occur. This damage can cause important structural aspects to become compromised, placing residents at risk. Prompt assessment and remediation by the professionals at Certified Restoration, Ltd. can help you address condensation problems effectively.

Using Established Professional Standards and Protocols

Moisture and condensation can cause extensive damage, such as rot, mold, bacteria, odors, and even health issues. It is important to stop condensation and its effects immediately. Our expert professionals understand Building Science, can assess your building components, and use established professional standards and protocols to correct conditions conducive to condensation, mitigate future moisture damage, and remove environmental contamination from your home. Simply call Certified Restoration, Ltd. 24/7 to end the devastating effects that condensation and moisture cause.

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