Encapsulating Crawl Spaces

for Your Safety

Crawl Spaces can be Unsafe for Homeowners in the Huron, Ohio Area

Many homes and businesses are built on crawl space foundations. These spaces allow a person to crawl under a floor to gain access to the house’s wiring and plumbing. There are several problems that arise from building homes on a crawl space foundation, which lead to damage. Even our Building Codes stipulate ventilation and other factors which, in many cases, are the causes of condensation, water exposure, and mold colonization (growth) on the foundation and structure of our homes. The house can become an unsafe area for homeowners and their families. Here at Certified Restoration, Ltd., we have the experience and expertise to assess the condition of your crawl space and inform you of any existing damage and/or conditions that are conducive to damage. We are experts at preventing and correcting the damaging effects that are present in almost all homes with crawl space foundations, keeping you and your family safe from exposure to unseen health hazards.

Call the Professionals from Certified Restoration Ltd. for Damp or Wet Crawl Space Issues

Moisture is the number one cause of damage and health hazards found in your crawl space. The damaging conditions found in the crawl space are not isolated to just the foundation and structure of your home. These conditions migrate up from the crawl space into the living areas, causing moisture damage and mold colonization (growth). “Stack Effect” continues the upward migration of the damaging effects of the crawl space into the attic area where condensation occurs during the colder months. This condensation causes the roof sheathing to become wet, which, in turn, causes mold growth. However, the damages and health hazards inherent to a crawl space foundation are not difficult to fix, but you need a professional. Certified Restoration, Ltd. has the expertise and equipment to handle any problem that might be caused from a crawl space. Problems caused by crawl space moisture include:

  • Moisture damaged or wet crawl spaces; including foundation deterioration and rotted structure
  • Moisture damage in living area; including buckled hardwood flooring, trim, and cabinet damage
  • Moisture damage in attic; including roof structure rot, shingle damage, and ice damming
  • Musty odors in the living area
  • Mold growth on the crawl space foundation/structure, living area, and attic
  • Efficiency and comfort issues with HVAC System
  • Insulation efficiency issues
  • Health issues including fatigue, allergies, asthma, concentration, etc.
  • Insect infestations

Up-To-Date Knowledge on Crawl Space Encapsulation in the Port Clinton, Ohio Area

Conventional ventilation for crawl spaces does not work and leads to condensation (moisture) damage. European countries have known this for years and have embraced “Closed” crawl space construction. Finally, our Building Codes are changing as they realize that a “Closed” crawl space is the answer. We know that if we leave a window open in our basement, we will grow mold in a matter of days. By “Encapsulating” a crawl space, we are turning it into a mini-basement, isolating the ground and exterior from the crawl space “air-space.” Once the “air-space” is isolated, we can add a “real” dehumidifier (see dehumidification section) and control the humidity levels, thus controlling the Dew Point temperature (condensation). It is our experience that over 90% of all crawl space foundations have a moisture issue and need this encapsulation system. We call our encapsulation system a “Moisture Mitigation System.” If you have a crawl space foundation, there is a pretty good chance that you need this encapsulation system (Moisture Mitigation System). Certified Restoration, Ltd. has been installing Moisture Mitigation Systems in Sandusky, Huron, Norwalk, Bellevue, and surrounding areas for over fifteen years. If you need one of our Building Science experts to provide and assessment of your crawl space, call at (855) 730-0065 or contact us online.

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